Equity investingMost modern couples start out with little or nothing but have a long-term plan in place to get something before starting their family. 

They get a car, then another, perhaps a home. Soon, they are a two person mini-corporation with two incomes, a love-factory and the hopes to replicate themselves in children.

Young, responsible couples with good equity often want children just as the bank balance increases. It’s a case of just as their income is highest, some is taken away. A baby needs a uterus. It also needs milky breasts. For a period of time, women have to leave work to incubate and nourish their offspring. 

Society has us believing that equality exists in a well-bound mathematical construct. Men and women are the same in every way. We know the sexes aren’t but that doesn’t stop us feeling that they should be or get frustrated when they aren’t. Evolution doesn’t care for financial objectives or investment portfolios. Mathematical constructs are for mathematicians and accountants. The reality is: Children will get sick. Mothers get sick. Emotions change. Relationships change. Complications of all types will alter the timeframe on things previously written into diaries and legal contracts.


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Until the day comes when the uterus becomes redundant and we can have children grown without females, women will still fall pregnant and loan their bodies out to nurture children. Mitchell and Sam Felding are planning to do this right now. They are in their early thirties and chosen this year to try for a child.

They made this choice shortly after their shares turned a good profit. Twenty one point six three percent. It was a good year last year. So was the year before. And the year before that wasn’t too bad either. Several years of wise investing has put them in a position to make babies… in the regular way.

That’s the problem. The regular way is irregular.

Mortgages, cars and incomes are the regular things Mitchell and Sam do extremely well. Making babies is a highly irregular activity. So is having sex. Making love is a foreign country and they haven’t a passport between them. It’s all so very bizarre. No one knows what’s not going on between the sheets, least of all them.

She wants a child. She’s on special vitamins. They are exercising everyday and have removed alcohol from their diets. Coffee is out. Sweets and sweet drinks are off the list too. Everyone who matters knows of their plan. On paper, it’s all full-steam-ahead. Between them, these two young healthy bodies should have some virile sperm and a lush uterus any baby would be proud to show off… but for one thing: There’s no sex in this couple’s marriage to bring them together.

I said it’s bizarre, right?

One of them is living a lie and the other is supporting it. What happens next will absolutely astound you. Read it all in my new novel SEETHINGS. it will shock, frighten and horrify you.

-Michael Forman (Author of SEETHINGS)

The Novel ¦The Author ¦ Order 
SEETHINGS novel by Michael Forman (This is real)

Michael has put together a strong, heart beating novel, one which the readers of ‘psychotic thrillers’ will enjoy! – Mike M. Roleystone

Two Cars, a Mortgage, Share Investments and a Baby On The Way. was originally published on MICHAEL FORMAN AUTHOR

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