Using Publicize

Using Publicize To Get Your Message Out.

Too many social media accounts and too little time to spread your joy to all of them?

Me too but there are ways to circumvent some of the process work of copying and pasting to social media by using Publicize in WordPress.

Publicize enables handshake connections to be made with applications like Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook (and more) so you can deliver all your content to them automatically, without doing any extra work to make it happen. When a post is made and delivered on WP, the post goes out through all the associative applications too. The best thing is that it also sorts out all the tagging automatically for those applications that use it, saving you more time with hashtagging and the like. For instance, a tag in WP becomes a hashtag in Tumblr!

There are some pitfalls of using Publicize though, well, not Publicize itself, but by using rebroadcasting services like it.


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You’ll soon discover that social media applications like Tumblr, Twitter and so on, also have their options to connect with even more social media sites and can send out your content even further abroad. It’s easy to get carried away. Once you get used to looking for the rebroadcasting options and setting up associations through every account you have and linking them, it’s possible for all the connections to overlap, causing the same post to loop without you being aware of it or why it’s happening. Your readers ending up blocking your annoying tweets and posts because half of their notifications is just you saying the same things over and over again!

A looping instance: Original WP post publicized to Twitter and Tumblr but Twitter and Tumblr have account associations set-up with each other.  The Twitter account receives the original WP post and so does Tumblr, tweeting and posting out the content accordingly. Nice but Tumblr receives the tweet thereby generating a new post on that service and BAM! Twitter receives another signal and another tweet goes out for the very same content. It’s a loop that ends only when the service identifies one building.

Now I don’t profess to know all the ins and outs of all social media. I’m a mere author of novels who encounters issues like these as I move through the digital forest of social media to promote my work. What I do know is that each time-saving element added into any blogging strategy, the closer a blogger gets to making a mistake that sets them back. You have to watch as your blog grows. If changes are made like adding associations, connections and using publicize, follow the posts to see how they look and where they go after they leave. Don’t just tick all the boxes, assume everything will work and the distribution will sort itself out.

Publicize is a great tool for WordPress. For me, it’s crucial to be at the root-point of all blogging content that goes to the web. It’s a no-brainer. Switch it on from the get-go and then manage all the ‘other’ associations one by one at their respective sites. If you’re a blogger who favours Pinterest over Twitter, then point all your associations in that direction and make sure there’s no feedback returning up the line to create nasty loops.

Using publicize doesn’t give a blogger access to EVERY social site. There are quite a few on offer but not everything is on the list. As a book author, I wanted a connection made to Goodreads. Goodreads isn’t linked to WP using Publicize. Fortunately, Goodreads offers an association service through it’s own site. They ask ask for the blog site name and link (You have to be a member of Goodreads first) and the association is made automatically. Every post (including this one) will appear in my Goodreads blog and I haven’t had to re-write or paste a word to make it happen!

-Michael Forman (Author of SEETHINGS)

The Novel ¦The Author ¦ Order 

Michael Forman’s books on Goodreads ratings: 4 (avg rating 4.50)


Michael has put together a strong, heart beating novel, one which the readers of ‘psychotic thrillers’ will enjoy  – for e faint hearted, leave it alone! – Mike M. Roleystone



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Using Publicize for Social Media Broadcasting. was originally published on MICHAEL FORMAN AUTHOR

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