Enjoying stabchokesuicidethrillme?

Stop by Home sometime. I’ll make you a nice cup of Neo-noir. I’ll put the kettle on now and wait.

Let yourself in if I don’t answer right away. The door’s always unlocked. Don’t mind the blood on the living room floor, that’s ummm… something I was working on earlier. Just come on through and sit down.

The odour is also nothing. It’s just a little experiment I’m running in another room.

If you hear a scream, that’ll probably be me. I’m always accidentally cutting myself on all kinds of things. With all the scratches I have on my arms and face these days, you’d think I’d been attacked by someone in a total panic.

Anyhow, see you soon. I can’t wait. Don’t forget, let yourself in, close the door and subscribe.



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