Camera Hacking
Hacker says: I Can See You

Think you’re alone? Forget it. Phone hacking is the new stalking.

Kurdaitcha [Alias], an Australian online voyeur and computer hacker, says that phones, laptops and tablets which are constantly connected to the internet via wifi or through a phone service provider are vulnerable to a new type of online stalker. It’s called camera hacking and it’s becoming a popular form of online entertainment for voyeurs.’

And he says, ‘It’s better than reality television because this stuff is real and raw!’

Phone and Camera Hacking Started as ‘a Hobby.’

‘In the eighties I used to listen to police and ambulance communication through a radio frequency scanner. It was a hobby of mine to switch it on while doing work on computers. Cell phone communication was new back then but I’d occasionally pick up a conversation – something like a breakup, hookups, phone-sex or bosses who were planning to sack an employee or two. It was very saucy and a real treat to listen to something juicy when it finally came over the airwaves.’

‘Cell phones changed over the following decade and the people who owned them changed too. No longer were phones for just the wealthy or phone conversations. Texting became a ‘new thing’ and then the Internet exploded, causing the greatest shift in phone design and use to occur. The next generation of phones came with in-built cameras and applications that accessed them. That’s when I turned off my scanner and went to the source by hacking them. Real-time communication apps Such as Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have backdoor vulnerabilities that allow hackers like myself to access the app without their users knowing. We can get in, turn things on, listen and watch.’Camera hacking

‘It’s not all about camera hacking either. Some of the best stuff comes via audio. A phone’s camera may not be pointed at anything at all but it’s mike will hear everything. Boardroom debates, wage disputes, love affairs, divorces, anything you can think of are picked up and passed down the line.’

Camera Hacking Reveals Bedroom Secrets

‘Once in awhile a camera I’m watching is taken into a bedroom to record those intimate moments of life. It’s crazy, people do all kinds of strange things on-camera, things they wouldn’t have done twenty years ago – and the girls are worse than the guys. When they take their pictures they do it with the intention of hurting someone. You can hear ’em say it when setting up the shot: Wait ’til Julie sees this, she’ll be sorry.’

When asked why he does it, Kurdaitcha responded, ‘As I said, it was a hobby that I found entertaining and educational. Microphone and camera hacking inside phones is just another way of listening to what the world is doing when its falseness is lowered. I still listen to the police and ambulance but the best stuff comes from today’s phones and laptops.’

-Story by Mitchell Felding.

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‘Camera Hacking: Yes, I Can See You!’ e-Voyeur Speaks Out. was originally published on MICHAEL FORMAN AUTHOR

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