Do you like to hug and kiss in creamy vanilla or take a chance on a crowning wildfire?Sexual preferences

Vanilla certainly offers warmth and safety. Slow deep penetration, an all-consuming kiss and a full-body hug is genuinely wholesome. But another’s sexual preferences may go to something a little stronger, something that uses rafters, chandeliers and various foodstuffs to flavour their journey towards sexual bliss.

Then there’s another sex that’s more than a sip or two of vanilla milk.

Sexual Preferences: Rated by lovers or by self?

I once had a partner who was shocked with what I did to her. After going missionary for a while, I spun her around and continued on with doggy style. When I was finished, she called me a filthy animal for taking her from behind. She got dressed, slammed the door and left. To me, she had a sexual preference that was vanilla beyond vanilla. She wanted sex one way and anything else was weird. To her, I was a wild and enraged beast, using her vagina to satisfy my own gratification.

It takes a while to know what our sexual preferences are and where we fit into the scheme of it all. Our lovers take us on journeys and, little by little, we get to see some of the alternates that are out there and try them. Little by little, we experience those alternates and then offer some of our own into the mix.

A far more recent experience went something like this: A cuckold came to me asking me to do his wife. I said yes. She was hot enough… but when we get to the bedroom, there’s another guy there waiting to get involved. The husband then stands beside the bed masturbating while watching two men take turns with his lady. There were ropes used. Spanking featured in it. It was all very sweet and steamy.

088d647130dcb7328b09f02181d8887dThe wife absolutely loved her sexual experience and the husband enjoyed one of his own by eating cream pie afterwards. In their world, I was the vanilla milkshake and they were chocolate fudge sundaes. I wouldn’t even let the hubby have a go at my willy. Yes, I was funny about having a guy blow me and so stopped him when he tried. In the end, I acted the part of a flavourless heterosexual in their fruit-filled bedroom. I’m sure they thought I was totally weird. Perhaps I was and still am but these were my sexual preferences and the ends of them. Give me a warm wet female any day. There’s just something nice about being touched by a woman and touching one back.

Sexual preferences: From the first kiss.

Think back to your first kiss. Wasn’t that absolutely wild?

Working without a safety net is so damn hot. When you think about it, a first kiss comes with risk because nothing is guaranteed. You’re completely vulnerable. You’re walking in dangerous territory. It’s exciting because it could all backfire. But then, if it all goes to plan, the rewards can be enough to make your legs and heart melt.

Some want that dangerous feeling to stay throughout all their bedroom antics so create and break new boundaries throughout their entire lives. Chasing vulnerability and removing the safety net keeps the fires burning. It gives life more meaning.


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My novel is for those passionate lovers who want to risk chance and get a little closer to the fire. It’s also for those who only know how to burn but dream of creamy vanilla happily ever afters. I want readers to be shocked, stunned, but not afraid of what I’ve said behind page one.

-Mitchell Felding.

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Mike has put together a strong, heart beating novel, one which the readers of ‘psychotic thrillers’ will enjoy!

– (Reader) Mike M. Roleystone


Sexual preferences: Are you a savoury or sweet lover? was originally published on MICHAEL FORMAN AUTHOR

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