SEETHINGS secret takes my breath awayYou Made It!

You found your way through SEETHINGS secret back door. Intrigue brought you to it. Good for you. Now you want to know more. You want to know about what the SEETHINGS secret is and what message lies at the end of this mysteriously unlabeled link. It piqued your interest.

You’re an inquisitive one aintcha?

The content you were browsing presented this link. It wasn’t a random incident because it’s only placed where you’ll find it. Realistically, you’re supposed to be right here right now. Nice eh?

You’re probably the kind of person who’ll walk down a dark hall in an abandoned house just to see what is at its end. You’re not afraid of it, nor helping someone out of a burning car wreck. You don’t always look away at the more horrific sides of humanity. You’re a realist.

The SEETHINGS secret is: It’s a book.

It’s my book… for realists. Actually, it’s a novel.

There is a synopsis and an ordering page for it. You can read it on your personal device too.

You’ll certainly have a wild experience reading it, especially when confronted at its juicy realism. I guarantee that it’ll take your breath away. When you’re done, leave a review on this site’s page or here for other realists to see. The sequal to SEETHINGS secret is being written right now! (Due to be published June 2016).

SEETHINGS secret - Michael Forman AuthorCheers! Here’s to grinning at each other knowingly! – Michael Forman (Author)



Secret extra info:

  1. SEETHINGS secret social page
  2. SEETHINGS secret sequel
  3. SEETHINGS secret subscription page

Have a look around the site, visit the chat page for live updates and say hi. I’m happy to say hi back or answer any questions you may have about the book, the new one about to be released, self-publishing or blogging. Just go to the box provided and chat away. I’ll see you there!


SEETHINGS Secret Back Door was originally published on MICHAEL FORMAN AUTHOR

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