In 2001, the bodies of five women were found brutally raped and murdered. To this day, no one has stood trial and a serial killer remains on the loose.

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Story by reporter: Julie Sephlia : Twitter: i.sephlia : Facebook
Serial Killer Not Caught

Serial Killer Still Free

Police say it’s just a matter of time when the killings will happen again. And you may know him.

Operation Kurdaitcha (Op-Kurd) was the investigatory body installed at the time to look into these vicious Queensland murders to try and establish a pattern and arrest this serial killer. Apart from the weather event during each of the murders and the processes of the crime itself, few lines of investigation turned up anything. The murderer didn’t use a weapon (except his hands) and rain washed all other evidence away.

Alan Sweetman who led this special crime unit said, “Just as it [Op-Kurd] was forming, the murders stopped. We thought the bikeway rapist may have been our guy but this wasn’t the case. Once we brought him in for questioning we could tell something was off. His timing was different and so were the locations where he committed his crimes. Then the DNA results confirmed it. We took a serial rapist off the streets but a serial killer remained free. So far, why these six were chosen is beyond our understanding. All we know is it’ll happen again or is still happening… somewhere else.”

The investigation was scaled down at the end of 2002 but the case remains open.

“Until we receive new information, we’re unable to proceed. He could’ve moved interstate or left the country entirely. I suspect he’s still doing it somewhere.”

Kurdaitcha either took or led his victims into bushland, raping and choking them until they died. Police suspect that all six women knew their killer beforehand. They appeared to be having secret affairs online, keeping their private lives hidden from family and friends.

Serial Killer Using Dating Sites.

“The problem we have with online dating is that it can be hard to track down people on it. If someone doesn’t want to be found, they can hide in any number of ways. We can trace IP addresses back to their sources but sometimes they aren’t fixed addresses. It appears our serial killer is able to access the ‘net by stealth, changing his online identity frequently to avoid detection and, judging by the correspondence we’ve collected from the victim’s computers, he also seems to have found a way to locate and take advantage of vulnerable ladies. A victim’s family is often left out of the loop and know nothing of what’s been going on in their life.”

“The most disturbing thing we’ve discovered is his skill to turn microphones on inside sleeping computers. He chooses to spend hours at a time listening to his victims, assumedly gathering information.  Victims wouldn’t even know he’s in the room, hearing everything said and done in it. We know he’s accessed cameras too but it’s the microphone he prefers to go to. We think that’s because there are no indicator lights to show that its microphone is active.”

The name Kurdaitcha is indigenous to Australia, given to the police by locals near Brisbane’s Police Headquarters. They taunted investigators with it during the media frenzy and, rather than choose another, the police adopted it. At the height of the investigation, Op-Kurd involved more than thirty officers utilising the resources of five specialist crime departments across two cities. The last known murder occurred in December 2001 with Nina DeJong’s body found outside her Forest Lake home.

(Events inspired by the Novel SEETHINGS)

Serial Killer: Online Kurdaitcha Campaign To Solve Six Mysteries was originally published on MICHAEL FORMAN AUTHOR

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