Hacking computer microphones and Cameras.

Imagine someone listening to everything you say without your knowledge.

Hacking Computer Microphones and listening

It’s typical day. Your phone rings and you’re at your computer. It’s a friend calling. You talk to them about the shares you own; the job you’re applying for; the one night stand you’re planning for tomorrow night… all is picked up by a nearby microphone. Without you being aware, your computer has been passively feeding  your conversation to a third party.

It’s real.


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Always-online computers can be hacked. It’s not all that difficult to do. There are hundreds of sites that talk about it. Not a day goes by when another hacking how-to blog is posted to the ‘net, willfully teaching others how to tap into strangers microphones and cameras. We worry about our bank details being stolen by trojans or viruses but this issue is more sinister than that or identity theft. It goes to the heart of our day-to-day activities. It takes a stranger into your home and bed. It has the potential to involve your family and friends.

Strangers will come to know the most intimate details of your life. Habits you discard as unimportant routines or mundane will become their treasure.

Hacking Computer Microphones. Listen
Listening quietly

SEETHINGS uses this growing first-world issue of hacking computer microphones and cameras and, our love of  computers and cellphones, to allow a serial killer to have access to a range of potential victims. When one has revealed enough information of their private life to him through it; and he assesses them thoroughly, he moves in  for the kill. He times it well.

The book was written and released recently. It’s genre sits somewhere between psychological thriller and neo-noir erotica and is writtten by Michael Forman.


As you’d expect, the themes are dark, sexy and dangerous.  It’s a brain-bender but definitely worth the ride to experience it all the way to the explosive conclusion. -M

Hacking Computer Microphones and Cameras. was originally published on MICHAEL FORMAN AUTHOR

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