Reviews of SEETHINGS from around the Internet.

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Reviews of SEETHINGS displayed on this page remain unaltered:

“Well done on your first novel Mike Forman.

Seethings is exactly that –agitated, violently exciting with strong sexual overtones.

Mike’s writing has you in the room from the outset. You are meeting characters left right and centre and then bang –‘it’ is here. He takes you on a vengeful, aggressive journey with schizophrenically disturbed Mitchell, his sexually disappointing wife Sam and Marriage Counsellor Tony with his own sordid past. Interactions are filled with plenty of oral communications between the three – imagined or not but very real? The plot thickens throughout as more characters appear until close to the end we find out why, where, how and when they meet their maker. Mike has put together a strong, heart beating novel, one which the readers of ‘psychotic thrillers’ will enjoy  – for the faint hearted, leave it alone!” Mike M. Roleystone

If you love reading books about Sex, Lust, Murder, Psychopaths and Mystery you could read the Bible but that’s too long and boring. So instead read Seethings, the new book by author Michael Forman. It’s got the lot and more. You’ll be glued to the pages right to the very end. A very intense psychological story with twists and turns when you least expect them. A very good first novel. Well done Mister Forman.” -Peter Elvison,

reviews of SEETHINGS

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