Emasculated men: Nobel-scientist

Biochemist Sir Tim Hunt and his wife Professor Mary Collins

The emasculated men of modern times, destroyed by a feminism that’s completely out of control!

I’ve been reading a piece in The Guardian this morning titled; ‘Tim Hunt: ‘I’ve been hung out to dry. They haven’t even bothered to ask for my side of affairs.’

It’s a very disturbing news piece regarding the opinions of a Nobel Prize Winner, Sir Tim Hunt. He’s all but lost every piece of intellectual and personal credibility to a social media attack launched by a group of sexism-hyped feminists and feminist sympathisers who attended his recent speech that included some light humour and these few words that made some of them take to Twitter to voice their disgust.

“Let me tell you about my trouble with girls. Three things happen when they are in the lab. You fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticise them, they cry,” he told delegates.

Even out of context it’s hardly worth anything to tweet over. It’s true, women do cry more often than men. They cry over things men wouldn’t cry over.  That’s not  a sexist statement or a failing on women’s part because they cry. It’s just a generalized truth. You can’t ignore the obvious.

Then there’s the falling in love part. What’s wrong with love? Love makes the world go around. That’s a good thing, right?

Just what are we trying to achieve by attacking this male’s words? Is it his problem alone to solve one by stifling his voice and keeping another obvious truth to himself? He’s still going to think about it because work relationships do happen and complications do set in when they do. Humans are have sexual instincts y’know. No matter how intellectual we become we are also part animal. There is a certain natural gravity between the sexes and sexism isn’t a part of it. The word is simply sex! We should get used to that and keep all other opinions to ourselves.

But we seem to fear sexist viewpoints so much that we’re prepared to carry a soapbox around with us at all times in case of an imminent sexist attack. What’s worse, is we’re spreading that sexist fear on social media so others can bask in this cause’s glory. I’d call that blatant sexist terrorism. It’s one part an imaginary-fear-of-the-worst and one part readying weapons on moral high ground. This cause to wreck a man’s life over a set of nothing-words wasn’t ever a cause to win or win over. It’s not a winnable war anyway. Like all wars, it only serves its master fear – and now I’m dead set angry at how this man was treated over something so insignificant and I’m labelling it as emasculating abuse – feminism’s worst disgrace.

Not every comment a man makes is sexist. Not every man hates women because he opens his mouth and uses the word female in a sentence. Sir Tim Hunt said nothing to suggest he is a sexist-pig or even disliked women. I wish the world would stop looking for the misogynist in men. You know what they say, if you wish for it hard enough, it just might come!

Emasculated men issue number two!

And then there’s another story that also caught my eye this week. This one’s a little closer to home. It’s about a man who was convicted and sentenced to life for murdering his wife. This news event happened near my old hometown of Brisbane. It was in all the papers… for months!


Gerard Baden-Clay’s number was up a year ago. The Courts found him guilty and everyone who knew his pretty and vivacious wife cheered when the ruling came down. It was to be life behind bars for Gerard Baden-Clay. But he appealed that conviction earlier this year and, this week, his sentence was downgraded to manslaughter. Many women (and some men) protested by taking to the streets of Brisbane to show support for the deceased wife, Allison Baden-Clay. A new hashtag was installed along with it: #EndViolenceAgainstWomen

It’s a good cause but it’s also a one-sided one (some should even be saying ‘sexist’). Men are attacked too. In fact, the reason why Gerard Baden-Clay’s sentence was successfully reduced was because Allison Baden-Clay managed to get a few rounds off at him before leaving this world. She left signs of her attack on his body. Some would immediately say that this was only in self-defence but, as none of us were there to see the order of those events as they took place, it’s hard to say who started what. One thing we do know is Gerard Baden-Clay was having an illicit affair with another woman and the wife wasn’t happy about it. I know from personal experience that women absolutely hate being cheated on. Some go absolutely wild. Could a woman strike a man over this? Would she use death threats too? I think yes, even a usually sensible, pretty lady who gives away the most generous of sweet smiles.

At this point, the husband is just a prick. He’s a lowlife scoundrel. That doesn’t make him a killer or an abuser.

The other woman

Toni McHugh – ‘The Other’ woman

And if she had struck him, what then? When a man does nothing but take a woman’s abuse there’s no real news to speak of. (Social studies have shown humour exists when woman slap men.) A more robust man will stand his ground – the violence escalates and people then take notice. There’s an assumption that the male is the doer. A slap becomes a punch, a shove becomes a kick and soon there are fists and muffled threats of death spoken between body blows and choker holds. He could’ve held her neck tight from the get-go. She could’ve screamed out she was heading for the kitchen to get herself a knife.

Now nobody can verify any of these things really happened during their so-called scuffle but they can’t be discounted either. Gerard Baden-Clay’s lawyers put forward that it was a case of an accidental death that occurred during a physical altercation. The evidence seems to support this theory. That’s why the sentence was altered and the murder charge was removed. We now need to reverse our thinking and ask the question as to why he was convicted of murder in the first place… but no one is doing that. Everyone seems to have the face of an attractive redhead at the forefront of their thoughts and the #EndViolenceAgainstWomen hashtag at the ready.

Was his legal team off their game? Was the jury emotionally biased from all the media reports occurring at the time? It all happened quickly. The event was still fresh in memory of the community when the proceedings took place. Gerard’s gender was always against him. If he were female, the outcome may have been different.

But Gerard Baden-Clay also did an extremely stupid thing after the death of his wife and this counts for much of the remaining bias. He dumped her body in the most callous and cold way. He bundled up Allison’s limp body (after that ‘altercation’) into their family car, drove out of their town and tossed her over a bridge. She landed on a muddy bank far below it. I guess he hoped she’d wash away and take away the horrid emotion of what appeared to be a torrid marriage. Nevertheless, some say these are the actions of a guilty man. For if it were truly an accident, he would’ve stayed by her side and called an ambulance or the police.

Emasculated men in law

Allison Baden-Clay. (Insert: Gerard with scratches to his face)

Yes, it was a foolish act to try and cover it up. And he lied. He told police she had gone missing after going for a walk. This lowlife scoundrel managed to make more choices that led him to achieve new lows, all of which will irreparably change he and his children’s lives forever. I can only imagine how scared the children must be. I can only imagine how nervous and scared Gerard was when Allison stopped breathing. Most likely, panic fuelled his idea to toss her corpse off a bridge.

Rage and stress can make us do and say strange things. And this statement must hold true for Allison Baden-Clay’s actions too. She may have the one who died but she’s not without fault either. It takes two to argue and somewhere between her last heart beat and the first one of that day, she supported an escalation of hostility within her relationship with Gerard. In fact, I’d also like to say these words to all those supporters who have assumed she didn’t have a hand in the violence – and then sent that emasculating hashtag into the social ether. Men get abused too ladies.

Sexism is still rife in a society that professes, nay demands, equality. We’ve just reversed our roles. We’re now at a time when the male is guilty for everything nasty in this world simply because he’s male… and we’re all hypocrites for taking what should be a double-sided cause, making it into a shiny new single one and thinking that this was perfectly okay to do so. Men are at the mercy of a new style of feminism that’s completely out of control, assimilating male values beyond their recognition.

Wouldn’t a fair, equal and more relevant hashtag to this violent crime be #enddomesticabuse ?

Somehow it just doesn’t have the same potency. Potency matters less than accuracy. Equality need not apply.

That’s sad because we know women aren’t all angels all the time. Women know that too. And we all know women can be cunningly abusive in the most non-violent of ways. That doesn’t make females less damaging in their actions, just better at hiding them.

Emasculated men are everywhere. They exist because they swim against a daily feminist tide that is no longer a cause of change but an-all-male devouring monster. These are just two well publicized examples of that occurring. There are way more to go… much much more.

Author M.Forman (Author of SEETHINGS)

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Michael Forman’s books on Goodreads ratings: 4 (avg rating 4.50)


‘Forman’s writing style is artful, with the protagonist Mitchell’s warped thought processes masterfully exposed. The author has a powerful and vivid command of language and his word pictures are stark and disturbingly real.’  – Linda J Bettenay, author of ‘Secrets Mothers Keep’ and ‘Wishes For Starlight’


Emasculated Men: Guilty Until Proven Guilty was originally published on MICHAEL FORMAN AUTHOR

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