Before a kissMuch of SEETHINGS‘ narrative is written with or around a storm, literally and metaphorically.

In chapter five, Mitchell tries to explain what a new kiss is like, comparing it to the micro-moment before lightning strikes, a term he coins as anti-thunder.

Our photographer Mitchell is not just obsessed with lightning, he’s highly observant to what happens in the lead up. While chasing down the perfect photo of one, he discovers another sound lightning makes before it strikes. It’s subtle, easily missed, but before the ions connect and rise to superheated temperatures to make that all too familiar crack, a softer zipping noise can be heard.

Mitchell describes it as being the intention behind a kiss, the same experienced when two would-be lovers take a leap of faith and move together for the first time. They lean in not knowing whether crossing the gap will devour or save them. It signifies the end of security. What will happen? The taste of another’s breath is enticing but drawing it in provides no more certainty until the mission is complete. Lightning and thunder are a certainty but anti-thunder is the vacuumed whisper between lover’s lips taking their first step across the void. Will their soon-to-be silent lips strike like lightning to unite or destroy their worlds?


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lightningMitchell’s passion to photograph lightning comes from searching for that perfect moment before a kiss. Due to his loveless marriage, he dreams of experiencing another a first-kiss moment within a highly charged storm. Although misguided, his quest is a dangerous one… and he is not the only one seeking something from these nightly electrical events. There is another moving around in the darkness whose intentions aren’t so innocent. When the sun rises in the morning, the light will reveal the damage by showing us the face of another lifeless victim. Did Mitchell see something while he was out there with his camera? Did his lens capture a mysterious shadow in a place where it shouldn’t have been?

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-Michael Forman (Author)

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Michael Forman’s books on Goodreads ratings: 4 (avg rating 4.50)


Michael has put together a strong, heart beating novel, one which the readers of ‘psychotic thrillers’ will enjoy  – for the faint hearted, leave it alone! – Mike M. Roleystone

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