Here you go. These are my 8 top reasons you need an E-reader right now!

Reasons You need an E-reader

So you’ve come to a point where you’re considering buying an E-reader such as a Kobo, Kindle, etc, and are wondering if you really need one. You’ve heard all kinds of stuff and it’s frightening. Well I’ve got 8 top reasons you need an E-reader without all the background hoo-haa-techno-babble to send you off screaming. The following comes from a reader’s viewpoint, not a geek’s!

Quick Reasons You Need An E-reader via My Speedy Overview:rBVaGlYNDEqAKqisAAChSLSudsE111

  1. One Handed Operation.
  2. Stores thousands of books.
  3. Long battery life.
  4. Cheaper books.
  5. Look-up dictionaries in-built.
  6. Compact.
  7. Text resizing.
  8. Bookmarking.

Expanded Version of the Same:

  1. One handed operation: So you’re standing shoulder-to-shoulder on a crowded train holding onto a rail or bag trying to read your favourite novel. A book (a new one particularly) needs more than one hand to turn its pages. You have to let go of your bag to read on. E-readers don’t need that, you turn its E-pages with a single finger tap.
  2. Stores thousands of books: You already knew this right? You’re entire library (and someone else’s too) can fit inside your new E-reader. There are different storage sizes and you can go for more (if you like). Ask your salesman and he’ll super-size you with a bigger one that can hold every book that’s ever been written! (well, almost)
  3. Long Battery Life: It’s true, if the battery goes flat you can’t read anything. I used to think this was the biggest deal breaker in E-readers but I don’t think that anymore. Everyday day I go through the routines of charging a phone, a tablet and a laptop. My E-reader goes for weeks at a time on a single charge! (Some makers of E-readers claim they can last two months but online reviews frequently report otherwise) I think anything that lasts longer than a long haul flight, a camping trip, or a cruise holiday must be doing exceptionally well! I always have a – when I get to where I’m going anyway and I’ll be using it for other things anyway.
  4. Cheaper Books: You’re not paying for paper and ink, neither is publisher. Electrons and data cost but a fraction. This cost saving is reflected in your favourite (and other) books.
  5. Look-up dictionaries in-built: So you’ve come across a weird word in a book you’re reading. In your new E-reader, just put your finger on the word and wait for the dictionary to show you it’s meaning a second later! Don’t you just love that idea?!
  6. Compact: An E-reader is about the same weight and size as a book, only thinner.
  7. Text resizing: A traditional book has one text size, the one it was printed in.Good Reasons You need an E-reader An E-reader has options to increase font size. Some of us aren’t getting any younger and our eyes aren’t up to reading small text for long periods. If you’re like that then you’re going to love increasing your reader’s font size right away!
  8. Bookmarking: No more strips of torn paper, business cards and photos to keep your place in a book. E-readers have as many bookmarks as you like. Let say you’re reading thirty different books at the same time. Tap the bookmark icon at the top of the page at the page you’re closing it at and the E-reader will keep it for you until you come back… for all thirty books!

How do the books get into my E-reader?

The device needs temporary access to the internet through a wifi link. This can be your home wifi or the wifi at your local coffee shop. Wifi is available at almost every public library these days as well as many popular bars and eateries. Anywhere people stop to read things, usually a wifi signal can be found and accessed. (Tip: Use your phone as a wifi hotspot by selecting ‘Wifi Hotspot’ in the settings sections and let it do the job instead. See tutorial below.)

The download only requires seconds. You won’t need it again until you want a new book to download and read.

They were my best reasons you need an E-reader.

-Michael Forman (Author of SEETHINGS.) E-book available here.

8 Top Reasons You Need An E-reader! was originally published on MICHAEL FORMAN AUTHOR

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