SEETHINGS reviewDo you want to meet the most challenging book ever and show it to your book club, one that’ll have everyone talking for days and weeks?

SEETHINGS isn’t your run of the mill thriller novel. It’ll test you by sucking you right into its disturbing narrative and asking you personal questions of life and love.

‘What would you do if it were you?’ It demands.

What do I think about SEETHINGS? I think a reader will never be pushed as far to digest the edgy text and accept such spine chilling outcomes as they will with this psychological thriller SEETHINGS. The intimacy is so powerful that at times it’s awkward and uncomfortable to read but never enough to not see it through. This one keeps readers in the room like a fly on the wall. They’ll be witnessing events that only a twisted mind can make spin in the pages of good fiction. Pages will be turned in enthusiasm to see SEETHINGS to it’s surprising and shocking end. Was our protagonist saved? The author has woven the narrative well enough to make it seem so… and yet not at all. It’s a masterful, well-thought out story. At times, I believed in things I shouldn’t have while shaking my head in wholehearted disagreeance. I was undoubtedly conflicted by the time I closed the book.

You won’t sit on the fence with this one. You’ll either love or hate it. It’ll be a cult read if it isn’t already. That’s why this book is THE book to take to book club.

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It’s noir. It’s truth.

The link to the author’s site is here and you can order it there too – and it’s available on Kindle.

-Mike (Angelwanderer)

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Choosing A Book for A Book Club: SEETHINGS was originally published on MICHAEL FORMAN AUTHOR

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