Can you find the sleeper killer in this crowd?

 Sleeper killer picture

In a perfect world, we shouldn’t need to look over our shoulders to feel safe. There should be rainbows and peace everlasting. In this world however, the sleeper killer exists. And many murderers won’t spend a day in jail because they hide in plain sight.

Sleeper killers are those who wake from life’s humdrum to kill once and never kill again. Their pattern of misbehaviour never stands out to anyone because what they do is too fleeting to trip off any of the warning signs. Theirs is a psychological snap that comes and goes so quickly that not even closest friends and lovers would notice a difference in them. Sometimes the sleeper killer doesn’t know a change has happened inside them either. The truth is sometimes too hard to swallow.

Claremont Serial KillerA sleeper killer isn’t the shadowy figure we think they should be. They don’t wear dark coats and hide in the shadows. They aren’t socially awkward individuals with a creepy eye-twitch and a nervous stutter. They are calm, regular people. They go where you and I go. They do what we do. They walk with confidence and look people right in the eye when they speak. They are intelligent, genuine and outwardly caring. They shake your hand with a smile but they have one small flaw – a switch inside turns them into a one time murderer.

Don’t shudder. This is not fiction. It’s life. A sleeper killer lives closer to you than you think. It’s entirely true. That fact is, you could be one of them and not even know it. If you’ve ever dreamt of doing something nasty to another person and then woken with a sense of calm happiness about what you did to them, even for a second, then you’re a candidate. Apologising to yourself later won’t hide what your heart truly wants. What’s done is done. Your truth is yours like it or not, whether you smother it in denials and apologies or otherwise. Are you the sleeper killer I’m speaking of?

Closeted Sleeper Killer… or Not?

While you’re figuring out when you’re likely to snap and who you’d like to see vanish from your life, let’s see what happens to someone who has already taken this path and discovered their own sleeper killer inside. Read and enjoy SEETHINGS. See what one sleeper killer does when he’s busy living his life that’s not unlike yours and mine!

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‘SEETHINGS’ is not an easy read – but I’m so glad I persevered – even when the content repulsed me.
Keep writing Michael Forman you have an amazing talent.

Linda J Bettenay
author of ‘Secrets Mothers Keep’ and ‘Wishes For Starlight’

Can You Identify The Sleeper Killer Here? was originally published on MICHAEL FORMAN AUTHOR

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