Come and hold my hand as I walk you around the cover of SEETHINGS.

Why this title? Why these colours and images on SEETHINGS?

Although we say a book shouldn’t be judged by its cover, every author knows that a bad one can confuse readers and lose them. Authors demand that their face-page says the right things to the right reader. But how do you put 100,000 words onto a cover without actually doing that?

It wasn’t easy settling on a cover design for SEETHINGS. There were five to choose from and more than three times as many titles to sort through.

The brief was simple: A cover to show a novel that is dark, sinister, murderous… and all key events occurring in it happen during thunderstorms.

There are also o be included:

  1.  Sex
  2. Marriage
  3. Religion
  4. Photography

See? It’s not easy.


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One of the first ideas was that of using a single lightning bolt. Several versions were created but none appealed. Another concept had wedding rings. A SIM card graced another and a teddy bear was shot for a later idea.

The problem was visual clutter. Every time an element was added, it came with several sub-themes that influenced the cover’s message, complicating things, diluting it so much that it no longer stood out.

I’ve always said to my photography students, ‘Keep it simple.’ A new series of photos were taken. Enter two breasts and a red crucifix:


Despite the storm I wanted on the cover, it kept coming down to Church and sex – a collision of worlds. There’s a storm! A crucifix is the symbol of one and the breasts is the other.

Like I said: Colliding worlds. There’s certainly a storm to had there!

My intention was to have a larger, more ornate crucifix. Keeping things simple meant applying the rule to the crucifix too… a by-product of minimising this object gave the breasts more dominance – another favourable outcome.


We managed to return the other storm to the cover by including a raindrop. I hand-coloured the droplet in lipstick-red to give it a murderous-feel. Things were looking up…

The title.

Stormfront was what the book was originally called. I wrote it on post-it note and stuck it to my computer screen. There were storms in the narrative. They appeared everywhere, some literally, others metaphorically. Later, when it was nearing completion, inspired by Jim Steinman’s love of long song titles, I toyed with a hideously long one of my own. It was an experiment to see my beta-reader’s reaction. I concluded that long titling wasn’t necessary. 

SEETHINGS came to me one day while on a long drive to the coast for fish and chips. It was its simplicity that appealed the most: One word in place of silent-anger’s plural; rather, many seethes. It’s another storm in the making.

Some will read it as SEE THINGS and that’s okay. Our protagonist does see strange things. Does he really witness a murder… or is he going mad?

Now you too can order, read and unlock the puzzle of SEETHINGS by clicking on this for ordering details.

Read it and tell me what you think. -Mx

Around the cover of my novel SEETHINGS was originally published on MICHAEL FORMAN AUTHOR

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