Asexuality fiction
One of us is asexual

Asexuality Fiction.

Asexuality fiction: Sex is prevalent in literature but what about it’s opposite, asexuality? Sherlock Holmes is the greatest known asexual protagonist in modern literature but what else is out there to read and study about asexuality?


Before we leave that offering at your feet, let’s be open and say SEETHINGS isn’t all asexual. It does have sex written into it. In fact, SEETHINGS plays one against the other. That’s how the narrative brings asexuality into light. That’s a place where Sherlock Holmes never went!

Asexuality Fiction: What is Asexuality Anyway?

In simple and basic terms, asexuality means no sex. A person who refers to themselves as being asexual is said to be not interested in sex, ever.

That’s a little different to the definition I was taught at school about asexuality. Asexual creatures were always those that didn’t need a partner to reproduce offspring. They could make babies all by themselves. Asexuality in humans isn’t like that. It relates to the social side of sexual behaviour, not an ability to make a child without a partner. Intercourse is not required for asexuals.

There are sceptics who believe asexuality doesn’t exist. Their suggestions say, much like sceptical views on homosexuality, that the problem is a mental one, not physical. It simply comes down to finding the right person with which to enjoy sex and once that occurs, everything will make sense and turn normal automatically. And then there’s the confusion between libido and asexuality. A low libido hasn’t anything to do with asexuality. Not wanting sex so frequently is not the same as not wanting sex at all. Asexuality is reserved for the latter.

Asexuality fiction: Lighting up the darkness on asexuality through literature.

Writing asexuality issues into fiction can help us understand what asexuality is and how it functions within our social order. The problems created by a society who believes that human relationships equal one man and one woman are not new. It’s misguided but expectation exists anyway. Even the most open-minded individual can get caught up with expectation. For instance, let’s take expectation to the next level and assume all paired and fertile couples, no matter their sexual orientations, will have sex. That’s when it all starts to unravel. Sex isn’t necessary for every couple.

It’s completely possible that some couples will connect perfectly outside their bedroom but never inside it! They don’t have to be old or have medical issues to be like this, they can be young and healthy. It could be that buff guy who flirts with girls all the time or that hot chick who power-walks day and night to keep her body trim and tight. An asexual can be anyone. You can’t tell by looking at them. Appearances will deceive.

SEETHINGS is asexuality fiction. As said above, it’s not exactly a non-sexual novel. It’s quite the opposite, it’s because our leading lady can’t go there that the ride gets wild for her spouse… in more ways than one, some dangerously deadly!

Kind Regards, Michael Forman (Author of SEETHINGS)

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