SIM card deception photo
Go back home SIM! You don’t belong here!

Where’s your mother little SIM? Does she know you’re on your own?

Look at you… in the open and all naked like that. Put a phone on or else you’ll catch a human. We can’t have a stranger fondling your data. What will people read? You’re supposed to keep your contacts covered. That’s what SIM card deception is all about. Only special people should get to touch your gold bits.

Ahh… what secrets do you hold little SIM card? Where have you been? Who have you’ve connected? You have so much power… and so easy to lose.

SEETHINGS starts with a SIM card like this. It ends with another. Our killer collects them. He turns them into something his wife uses almost everyday. She’s oblivious to their meaning and their origins. She’s oblivious to many things. That’s why our killer smiles a little more every time she uses them. It’s nicely neo-noir, don’t you think? Let those hairs on your arms stand up about now!


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Shower KissesThe idea of  bringing SIM cards into this narrative came from a story I was told by a photographer friend of mine. She had two SIM cards in her possession. One was for her husband and a second was for the ‘other guy.’ She kept the spare hidden in her car and made sure to delete the phone’s history before returning home each day. She knew her husband would take an opportunity to glance at her talk and text history so she made sure it looked clean for him. It worked, he was no wiser and she was able to live both lives for several years.

If you’re a morally-sensitive person then you’ll be shaking your head in disgust. But if you’re a reader who likes mysteries and stories like these, then SEETHINGS is the novel for you. SIM card deception like these happens on many levels inside the book.

SIM card deception in SEETHINGS. (order of importance)

  1. The calls: A most obvious one. Removing caller, call and text history from the phone and the card is imperative for any lies between spouses to remain hidden.
  2. Location Id: A phone doesn’t need to make a call to leave a record of where it’s been. Cell-towers leave logs on SIM cards. GPS details from the phone can confirm and even pin-point them. Although most users have no access to this data, a police investigation would take this information from them right away – but there’s a nice ruse placed here to stop that.
  3. The trophy: Our killer turns a SIM card he sees as one symbol into something noir-ly interesting by promoting it into a secondary and more creepy one. The wife has no clue. She thinks her husband is being sweet – but he’s not.

It’s hard to believe that something so small can bring huge worlds down. In SEETHINGS, this tiny piece of plastic has to hold several lies in place to keep the deception alive and active. Any moment the SIM card deception is found out, the whole lot would come crashing down. The question is when, how and what will happen as it does?

I’d love to tell you the rest. Here is where you can order a copy.

Cheers Mx (Author)

SIM Card Deception. The secret noir hidden in phone technology was originally published on MICHAEL FORMAN AUTHOR

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